Engine Room Cleaning

The most important reasons to keep your bilge clean are:

  • To prevent growth of bacteria
  • Eliminate foul odors
  • Prevent rust and corrosion of equipment that lies in the bilge

Some boats take in more water than others. It is normal for some water to be in the bilge since it can leak in at the stuffing box(es) and rudder post(s). Advanced Marine Management will keep the bilge clean and free of deposits.

Limber Holes

Limber holes are found in the ribs or partitions in the bilge which allow water to pass through them and flow to the lowest bilge points usually where the bilge pump is located.

This allows the water to be pumped out either automatically or manually. Advanced marine will keep these holes clear of residue to prevent blocking the water flow.

Some of the checks we will perform include:
Lift up the float switch on your electric bilge pump to make sure it turns on the pump automatically.
Check all through-hull openings and fittings.
Make sure that all fittings below the waterline have double hose clamps.
Check the seacocks to make sure that you can turn them off.
Look for corrosion and rust.
Check for unusual growth or mildew.
Check all pipes, hoses and clamps.
Check limber holes.