Provisioning Services

You Walk On, You Walk Off – We Do the Rest

What could be better than to arrive at your boat for a long weekend with everything prepped and ready to go? Our boat provisioning service provides everything you need to make your next boat outing successful and hassle-free.


We provide the services of opening, prepping, and supplying your boat so that all you have to do is arrive and enjoy yourself.

A Sampling of Advanced Marine Management’s Provisioning Services

  • Catering – We can provide you with a simple sandwich platter to a chef prepared on board dinner
  • Linen Service — Sheets, blankets, towels; delivered and picked up
  • Entertainment Assistance 
Calendar Of Events For The Weekend — Restaurants, nightlife, etc.
  • Stocking The Refrigerator And Cooler — Your choice of food, beverages, and snacks
  • Special Event Planning — Anniversary, birthday, etc.
  • Supplies Delivered
  • Pet Services
  • Any Other Requests Are Welcome!